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My Story

A  very wise person once told me that you have to have been everywhere you've been to be where you are. I have been an exercise scientist, a personal trainer, a body builder, a teacher of children on the spectrum, a fine artist — which includes everything from photography to porcelain sculpture — a textile designer, a writer, a meme maker, and an intuitive to name a few. 


At my core I'm an artist. Art is expression and expression is alchemy, so I guess you could call me an alchemist, too.

In my life I’ve taken a lot of manure and turned it into wildflowers. This is alchemy — taking crud and turning it into something beautiful, taking trash and making art, or making the unconscious conscious.


And this is the primary goal of my sessions. To equip, empower, and inspire you to transform.


Alchemy is art, a creative act. You start with lead — an unconscious pattern — and you turn it into gold, giving your suffering purpose. 

My suffering came in the form of childhood trauma and the resulting PTSD, depression, and anxiety, coupled with a strong dose of obsessive compulsiveness. Not to mention I'm very empathic. I spent many years in therapy deconstructing my patterns and also learning how to transform them by participating in a spiritual practice that consists of giving my attention to meditation throughout the day, being  present each moment, and doing everything on purpose. 

I continue to make art everyday and so do you. The choices you make each moment determines the artwork you make. Do you make your art out of unconsciousness or consciousness, shame or acceptance, lies or truth? These are some of the questions that may be addressed in a session with me.

I have the opportunity to use my experience to remind others of their purpose and mission here. Make no mistake, it’s a messy process. But art and alchemy are messy.  Allow yourself to color outside the lines like a preschooler, and you'll have more fun.


If you would like to learn more about my process and how I work with clients, please continue reading below.


And if you're ready to schedule something with me, please click on the OFFERINGS  link to explore more.

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What qualifies me to work in this capacity?

I’ve been intuitively reading people for over twenty years. I am what some may call a psychic medium, but prefer the term Intuitive Luminary. I'll also settle for being called an Alchemist. I am also trained in the energy art of Reiki healing. Energy work is used in every session because it comes with the territory. 


My degree is in Exercise Science. I was a personal trainer and nutritionist. The best trainers help redirect unhealthy behaviors and instill healthy ones so their clients will flourish in a state of well being. One of my studies in school was Alternative Therapy, ranging from Native American healing to Cognitive Remapping. I’ve also worked with children in an educational setting and have a keen understanding of early childhood development and how trauma impacts the brain. 


In addition, I’ve spent many hours studying and researching how the brain, the mind, and the heart function and how to use them in coherency to bring about lasting transformation. I also have experienced many relationships and followed the research that confirms which behaviors best create a healthy relationship with the self and then with others, romantic and otherwise. 


The wisdom that comes through me is a kind of a folk wisdom. I don't have numerous degrees, but I have lived everything I teach. 

My Mission

To be a light of consciousness so that others may suffer less. 


My mission statement: To bring beauty to the world through consciousness and consciousness to the world through beauty. 


This isn’t the beauty that is the opposite of ugly. It is the beauty that has no opposite, the beauty that comes with the release of judgment and shame. 


I endeavor to assist people to accept themselves just as they are — right now — so they can boldly move forward with courage into the light of awareness and live a life unencumbered by shame, grief, or fear. 

My Approach and My Methods

I apply principles of diversity to my practice. There is no right way to human. Each person is like a crystal with multiple facets working in harmony to express the beauty of the individual. I want to provide a safe place for people to explore their expression and bring it into full maturity. 


My baseline is an intuitive approach. In addition to my strong intuition, I use numerology, astrology, and cards to support the process of transformative awareness. 

I also use archetypes, like the inner mother, father, and child, to help certain clients clarify potential layers of trauma and how to bring the pattern of trauma into awareness for healing.


You are the author and artist of your life. I want to assist you to rewrite and restructure the primordial  calligraphy written in your unconscious to reflect consciousness and grace. 

How is this done?


The intention of every session is to provide a different perspective. Each client can then use this different perspective to move beyond any fears. A session often involves looking at the inner critic and reframing conditioned stories learned as children. This process assists the client in replacing dull, unhealthy thoughts of unworthiness with vibrant, healthy thoughts of value and courage.


Each session is as unique as the individual and always involves homework. Depending on which offering you schedule, the journey may look different, but the result is the same: acceleration toward greater presence, awareness, purpose, and wholeness. 

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