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Become Intuitive AF Replay


When you purchase the class, you'll immediately recieve a link to download the workbook and shortly after the link to the class replay. To learn more about the class, please read below. 


In this 2-hour class, through memes and humor, we explore the intuitive faculty, the basic aspects of developing a stronger intuition, and it's practical application.


Topics discussed:


Intuition vs Instinct

Trauma’s Impact on Our Intuition and How to Address it

WTF an Empath is

The Clairs:

Miss Clairvoyance (seeing),

Miss Clairaudience (hearing),

Miss Clairsentience (feeling),

Miss Claircognizance (knowing)

Daily Exercises to Develop Intuition


I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Intuition exists in all of us. It’s cliché because it’s true. We all possess some level of intuitive awareness. How do we use a tool that often feels more like trying to hold onto a wet fish instead of a hammer? This is the tea we’ll spill in this class.


For many humans being intuitive is a challenge, especially if you’ve been repeatedly told how to express yourself based on numerous modes of human conditioning. This in and of itself is a version of trauma that every human is exposed to because every human grows up with a set of authority figures telling them what is right and wrong. Once we can alchemize the conditioning, we can allow for the fires of our intuition to light our way.


I’ve defined intuition in memes as a keen sense of feely feels that feel feely, and you feel like you know things you don’t know, but you know because you’re feeling them. Intuition is defined by the dictionary as the direct perception of the truth independent of any reasoning process. That includes independence from what’s considered right/wrong, good/bad, superior/inferior.


We’ll talk about the depth of intuition’s impact on our lives, that includes a focus of going into the body, so you can safely feel the feels, while addressing any barriers that may prevent you from feeling safe as you allow your intuition to expand. So, get ready to bust open that heart chakra, wake up that third eye, and decalcify your pineal gland.


I want you to leave Become Intuitive AF with a richer understanding of how intuition works, so you can continue to expand into your personal expression with courage and confidence.


No matter your religion, sexuality, gender, or background, Become Intuitive AF is for Everyone. This class provides a safe space for you to explore those vulnerable places, those places where trauma may still be active, and provides tools to soothe and strengthen your inner world.


Now the legal stuff I have to say:


All deposits made are non-refundable. Please schedule consciously and ask any questions before purchasing the course. (You can email me here: All Course content is Course creator's. And Course creator (That’s me!) owns or has permission to use all copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property within the course and on any third-party websites that company may use to deliver the course. Student must receive Course creator's written permission before using any of the course content for Student's commercial use or before sharing it with others. By taking the Course you agree to keep all materials and discussions strictly confidential. I deeply appreciate your respect and reverence for these requests.

Become Intuitive AF Replay

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