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Like many events in my life, this series was a happy accident. Very early on, during my 8th grade photography class, I realized that portraits were what I wanted to do. It was reinforced in high school when all I wanted to to was photograph my friends. 

Getting a degree in Exercise Science, and being surrounded by other artists provided me with friends who were ready and willing to pose — and who weren't shy. 


They imagery grew out of folklore and myth, anything southern gothic. I'd start with ideas that often arrived in dreams then scribbled in my journal, using abandoned houses or the middle of the woods as my backdrop. The results became spontaneous and I'd follow wherever I was lead with my friends many times struck with their own ideas.

Like Three Brothers, most of this series was printed on aluminum and glass using sliver emulsion. Except for the final photo, which is one of my few color works from the series.

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