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I began taking self portraits because I didn't have anyone to photograph. I'm not a landscape, nature, or architecture photographer. My favorite thing to photograph is people. So when I was alone and wanted to photograph, I would set the tripod and camera up, start the timer, and take portraits. 

In process I became inspired by self portrait artists like Cindy Sherman, Chuck Close, John Coplans and the mind-bending photos of Arno Rafael Minkkinen. And like these artists, taking images of myself was an exploration of what I perceived to be something deeper than just my portrait. I wanted to bring the inside outside in an attempt to make the intangible tangible. 

I have hundreds of negatives from this series but only developed a handful. I perceive this projects as ongoing and a lifelong event. I intend at some point to return to the negatives and print the other images that strike me. Now most of my self portraits are taken with my cellphone and can be viewed in my CELLPHPORTRAIT gallery. 

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